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Military and Law Enforcement are a crucial national resources that we take very seriously. 

CFA has courses designed for the street patrolling officer to the high risk tactical military operator.  Our classes are taught in everyday language in a reality based setting.  CFA trains units, agencies and departments of varied sizes and specialties. We customize training needs and requirements based on your area of operation.

CFA bring all this to you. We come to your facility on your schedule to provide training for your people.

Martial Art Teachings

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"The Brotherhood of those walking the path."




combative fighting arts



combative fighting arts


combative fighting arts



combative fighting arts



Active Military or Special Units / Operations ONLY





















Fields of Study



  • Knife training

  • Garrotte

  • target specific neutralization  / medical management

  • Levels of focused aggression

  • Multiple attackers

  • Grips, positions, and angling

  • Conceal carries and deployment

  • Improvised field options – tools and weapons available

  • “Shock strike” attacks and targeting

  • Neutralization options

  • Anatomical breakdown / timing / responses

  • Real time training drills and implementation

  • Primary / secondary principal protection



We offer specialized training in tactical enforcement areas for military personnel in addition to Advanced & Extreme Martial Artists






  combative fighting arts

combative fighting arts

combative fighting arts

combative fighting arts








Training aids: Rubber and metal injury marking knives, simulated blood, eye goggles, vision restricting devices, limb restrictors, light & sound simulators




Tactical Knife Training

Knife Survival 

The knife is the most common weapon used by criminals, and the average knife attack lasts a mere 5 seconds.

Defending yourself against this gruesome tool requires an understanding of how today’s prison inmates, criminals, terrorists, martial arts systems, and military units use them.

This course is not a, “Come at me like this” course, but one that teaches you how to survive realistic full speed attacks from a brutal attacker. You’ll learn that there are only 10 directions someone can come at you with a knife, how to avoid being fatally stabbed at the initial moment of attack, what the 21 feet / 7 meter rule is all about and how it can save your life, the life-saving Jim Wagner Disarm Rule that is used by police, military, and prison personnel worldwide.

To understand how to defend against a knife you need to know how to effectively use one yourself in a conflict situation. That’s why we will teach you the proper grip, knife conflict drills that will take you from zero to advance in just 8 hours, and legal issues pertaining to knives in your area.

Combative Fighting Arts plans to continue

our journey into the AMOK system.






Special thanks to Mr. Tom Sotis of

AMOK Edged Weapon Solutions



Tom breaksdown the fundamentals

of the AMOK system




Advanced knife application

and "Real Time" drills




The AMOK system is one of the most

direct and dynamic advanced knife

systems that we have come across.

It is a true Reality Based System

that works!



Real time "Hands-on" drills



Blending of styles and systems











We plan to be teaching complete courses

in the near future under Mr. Tom Sotis'

guidance, principles and applications.







Law Enforcement



Department and Unit Training


For those who put their lives on the line – 

Geared towards those who deal with aggressive or non-compliant individuals and situations

We teach Officer Survival and Reality Based Knife / Edged Weapon Survival courses.


Officer Survival is our number one concern. You will only react as well as you have been trained.


Our training is for any size agency and we will customize training to class size and multi-agency participation.


We come to your facility with our equipment, knowledge, and training bringing to you the most necessary survival techniques an officer can have.


Our instructors will put your staff through real-world training and teach how to survive at the most dangerous and often fatal distance – 0 to 6 feet from a suspect.




Our courses are comprehensive hands-on trainings, where we test an officer’s tactical survivability in a close range / knife conflict.  Most importantly we provide and teach you the tools needed to survive.


We will teach the most common attacks and styles of prisoners, terrorists, military, martial arts styles and cultures from around the world.


During the training topics we will teach and challenge participants through drills, scenario exercises, and “wound tracking sparing”.









·  Grips, stances and holds

·  Shock Stops

·  Conceal Carries

·  How to spot the attack

·  Angles and Targets

·  17 to 21 feet reactionary gap

·  Knife vs. Knife defense

·  Fighting through the injuries

·  Empty hand Defense

·  Folding blades vs. fixed blades

·  Realistic Disarms

·  Weak Hand / Secondary Hand Response

·  Tactical L Response

·  Stopping an attack with a knife yourself

·  Triage / medical management

·  Hostage with a knife / Knife from behind



  Additional Training Topics


Arrest & Control Tactics

Pain compliance / Pressure Points / Joint locks

Levels of aggression

Balance & Foundation Training

Distance neutralization drills and techniques

Impact Weapon Defense

Edged Weapons Defense

Advanced Edged Weapons

Empty hand - “shock strikes”

Defense / disarms against weapons (knife and gun

Offensive strikes / targeting / pressure points

Joint locks / "walk-along" techniques

Patterns of Movements

Wounds, Triage and Tactics


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REALITY BASED   Personal Protection Survival skills for everyday conflicts
AMOK   Practical Combative skills for everyday conflicts
Female Survival / RAPE Prevention   Techniques for every-day survival
MUAY THAI   Thailand’s oldest and most popular sport and martial art
ESCRIMA/ KALI    Learn a blend of the many styles of Escrima / Kali
KRABI KRABONG   Thailand’s ancient weapons art of warriors






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