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    Combative Fighting Arts - Staff Sargeant Michael DeLio
    Michael Delio

    Combative Fighting Arts - Military Operation in Urban Terrain

    Combative Fighting Arts - Combatives Team members - Michael adn Andre
  • A Lifelong practitioner and Martial Arts expert, Soldier, Loss Prevention / Risk Management and Security professional with over 30 years of training in numerous blends of systems from tactical to traditional, from blade to empty hand, Mike’s skillset has been taught & utilized all over the globe.

    A Staff Sergeant in a Military Police training unit in So Cal teaching Army, Army Reserve, and CANG soldiers and Airmen numerous topics. NCO of Training Operations (S-3) , M.O.U.T. Instructor (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) and I.E.F. (Initial Entry Force) topics and Team-leader / NCOIC of the Combatives Team.

    Michael has an original background in Shotokan Karate and Aikido combined with years of training in Filipino Kali; (traditional and tactical), Indonesian Penjak Silat, Boxing, Muay Thai Boxing and Krabi Krabong with a blend of the Reality Based Systems along with Army Combatives and various clinics, camps, seminars and ventures.

    Mike serves as Chief Instructor on the Combatives Team and Training Cadre where he teaches Combatives, Edged Weapons, and various Army Warrior Skills & Tasks (Army FM Standards). Member of Military Emergency Response Team So Cal. P.C. 832, CERT Trainer, WMD / CBRN Instructor, MEMS Badged (Military Emergency Management Systems) and Terrorism Liaison Officer - JRIC.

    A certified 8th Degree Gold Sash instructor in Krabi Krabong & Muay Thai from the Buddhai Swan Swordsman Institute and Temple in Nongkam, Thailand. Thai weapons system along with empty hands. Taught and mentored by Ajarn; Pakru; Samai Mesaman. Khru Michael has had the rare honor of being a member of the Buddhai Sawan Demonstration Team for her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand and instructor at Tak Thai Army Base, 1994 and Sattahip Special Ops teams in 2004.

    One of the world famous Dog Brothers; Michael DeLio was given the name of - SCRAPPY DOG; in the full contact stick fighting arts of Kali and Escrima and FMA.

    Full Contact stick fighter in numerous tournaments and gatherings Gold and Silver Medal Winner - International Escrima Championship - San Diego, Ca (Gold Forms, Silver Fighting)

    I.M.B. Academy, Carson- Sifu Richard Bustillo – 4 Years. Muay Thai Kickboxing, Kali/Escrima, Jeet Kune Do, Shoot wresting – Phase class instructor

    AMOK Edged Weapons Certified Trainer under Tom Sotis and the AMOK Combatives System. 5 years

    Reality Based Instructor - Jim Wagner Personal Protection System. Certified Instructor: Knife Survival, Crime Survival, Defense Tactics, Terrorism Survival, and Ground Survival. Real world training in real life conditions.

    Rape Prevention / Self Defense instructor for females for over 15 years and also serves on the National Security Alliance and is a Certified Instructor with Kid Safe Network Division.

    Safety Manager / Risk Management safety trainer in Risk Analysis, Hazard Assessment, and Loss Reduction Specialist.

    Received California Achievement Medal for Military Combatives Training along with certifications and rankings of international systems and countries.