Andre Bustamante

  • Andre Bustamante

  • Andre is a Corporal in the California State Military Reserve (Provost Marshal's Office in Southern Californai). Andre is also a Member of the Cadre on the Combative's Team for the State Military. The Combatives Team focuses its training in Empty Hands techniques, Ground Fighting and Edged Weapon Survival to the U.S. Army, Nat'l Guard and California State Military I.E.F. & M.E.R.T. (Military Emergency Response Team). Mr. Bustamante is certified C.E.R.T. trained for disaster relief, a Reality Based Instructor for Personal Protection by Jim Wagner, PC 832 qualified, AMOK trainer as well as being trained in various Martial Arts for the past 25 yrs, focusing on Muay Thai, Krabi Krabong, Kali Escrima, swords, knife/edged weapon and empty hands. Andre has taught in these areas of specialties for the past 14 yrs.